Trisha Nowland and Simon BoagTowards a Logical Framework for Latent Variable ModellingWiLJul 08 16:30
Elaine PimentelA semantical view of sequent based systemsWiLJul 08 11:30
Cláudia Nalon and Daniella AngelosOn the Combination of Resolution and SAT Procedures for Modal Theorem-ProvingWiLJul 08 16:00
Liron Cohen and Ariel KellisonOn Expanding Standard Notions of ConstructivityWiLJul 08 11:00
Giselle ReisTowards a Playground for LogiciansWiLJul 08 15:00
Çigdem GencerAbout the unification type of topological logics over Euclidean spacesWiLJul 08 12:00
Ornela Dardha and Simon J. GayA New Linear Logic for Deadlock-Free Session-Typed Processes (Talk Abstract)WiLJul 08 10:15
Hanna Lachnitt, Christoph Benzmüller and Maximilian ClausEmbedding Intuitionistic Modal Logics in Higher-Order Logic. An Easy Task?WiLJul 08 16:15
Liron Cohen and Reuben RoweNon-well-founded proof system for Transitive Closure LogicWiLJul 08 15:15
Shufang Zhu, Geguang Pu and Moshe VardiFirst-Order vs. Second-Order Encodings for LTLf-to-Automata: An Extended AbstractWiLJul 08 10:00
Sonia Marin, Marianela Morales and Lutz StraßburgerDecomposing labelled proof theory for intuitionistic modal logicWiLJul 08 11:45
Ilias KotsireasHard Combinatorial Problems: A Challenge for SatisfiabilitySCSCJul 11 09:00
Alexander Cowen-Rivers and Matthew EnglandTowards Incremental Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition in MapleSCSCJul 11 14:30
Rebecca Haehn, Gereon Kremer and Erika ÁbrahámEvaluation of Equational Constraints for CAD in SMT SolvingSCSCJul 11 15:00
Jan Horacek and Martin KreuzerRefutation of Products of Linear PolynomialsSCSCJul 11 16:00
Casey Mulligan, Russell Bradford, James H. Davenport, Matthew England and Zak TonksNon-linear Real Arithmetic Benchmarks derived from Automated Reasoning in EconomicsSCSCJul 11 14:00
Daniela Ritirc, Armin Biere and Manuel KauersA Practical Polynomial Calculus for Arithmetic Circuit VerificationSCSCJul 11 16:30
Meesum Syed Mohammad and Prathamesh T. V. H.Unknot Recognition Through Quantifier EliminationSCSCJul 11 17:00
John Abbott, Anna Maria Bigatti and Elisa PalezzatoNew in CoCoA-5.2.4 and CoCoALib-0.99570 for SC-SquareSCSCJul 11 11:25
Andreas Eggers, Matthias Stasch, Tino Teige, Tom Bienmüller and Udo BrockmeyerConstraint Systems from Traffic Scenarios for the Validation of Autonomous DrivingSCSCJul 11 10:05
Pascal Fontaine, Mizuhito Ogawa, Thomas Sturm, Van Khanh To and Xuan Tung VuWrapping Computer Algebra is Surprisingly Successful for Non-Linear SMTSCSCJul 11 11:00
Stephen A. ForrestSMT-like Queries in MapleSCSCJul 11 11:50
Tudor JebeleanTechniques for Natural-style Proofs in Elementary AnalysisSCSCJul 11 12:15
Jean-Christophe FilliâtreAuto-active verification using Why3's IDEF-IDE
Leo FreitasVDM at large: Modelling the EMVCo 2nd Generation KernelF-IDE
Sylvain Dailler, Claude Marché and Yannick MoyLightweight Interactive Proving inside an Automatic Program VerifierF-IDEJul 14 10:00
Makarius WenzelIsabelle/jEdit as IDE for domain-specific formal languages and informal text documentsF-IDEJul 14 16:00
Jan Bessai and Anna VasilevaUser Support for the Combinator Logic Synthesizer FrameworkF-IDEJul 14 11:00
Alexander Knüppel, Carsten Pardylla, Thomas Thüm and Ina SchaeferExperience Report on Formally Verifying Parts of OpenJDK's API with KeYF-IDEJul 14 15:00
Paolo Arcaini, Riccardo Melioli and Elvinia RiccobeneAsmetaF: a flattener for the ASMETA frameworkF-IDEJul 14 11:30
Rui Couto, José Creissac Campos, Nuno Macedo and Alcino CunhaImproving the Visualization of Alloy InstancesF-IDEJul 14 12:00
Spencer Park and Emil SekerinskiA Notebook Format for the Holistic Design of Embedded SystemsF-IDEJul 14 16:30
Devesh Bhatt, Anitha Murugesan, Brendan Hall, Hao Ren and Yogananda JeppuThe CLEAR Way To Transparent Formal MethodsF-IDEJul 14 17:00
Nathaniel Watson, Steve Reeves and Paolo MasciIntegrating user design and formal models within PVSio-WebF-IDEJul 14 17:30
Yu Wang, Nima Roohi, Mahesh Viswanathan, Geir E. Dullerud and Matthew WestStatistical Verification of PCTL Using Stratified Samples ADHSJul 11 14:50
Carlos Renato Vazquez, David Gómez-Gutiérrez and Antonio Ramirez-TrevinoObservability of Linear Hybrid Systems with Unknown Inputs and Discrete Dynamics Modeled by Petri NetsADHSJul 12 11:15
Tjorben Groß, Stephan Trenn and Andreas WirsenSwitch induced instabilities for stable power system DAE modelsADHSJul 11 17:00
Amanda Abreu, Romain Bourdais and Herve GueguenHierarchical Model Predictive Control for Building Energy Management of Hybrid Systems ADHSJul 12 16:35
André Marcorin de Oliveira, Vineeth Satheeskumar Varma, Romain Postoyan, Irinel Constantin Morarescu, Jamal Daafouz and Oswaldo Luiz V. CostaNetwork-Aware Design of State-Feedback Controllers for Linear Wireless Networked Control SystemsADHSJul 12 14:00
Irinel Constantin Morarescu, Vineeth Satheeskumar Varma, Lucian Busoniu and Samson LasaulceSpace-Time Budget Allocation for Marketing Over Social Networks ADHSJul 12 14:25
Hoang-Dung Tran, Weiming Xiang, Stanley Bak and Taylor T JohnsonReachability Analysis for One Dimensional Linear Parabolic Equation ADHSJul 12 10:50
Alina Eqtami and Antoine GirardSafety Control, a Quantitative Approach ADHSJul 12 14:25
Victor Dolk, Menno Lauret, Duarte Antunes, Patrick Anderson and Maurice HeemelsA switched system approach to optimize mixing of fluidsADHSJul 11 11:15
Bacem Ben Nasser, Michael Defoort, Mohamed Djemai and Taous-Meriem Laleg-KiratiRazumikhin-type Theorems on Practical Stability of Dynamic Equations on Time ScalesADHSJul 11 16:35
Ulrich FahrenbergHigher-Dimensional Timed Automata ADHSJul 11 17:00
Chuchu Fan, Yu Meng, Jürgen Maier, Ezio Bartocci, Sayan Mitra and Ulrich SchmidVerifying nonlinear analog and mixed-signal circuits with inputsADHSJul 12 17:00
Fatima Zohra Taousser, Michael Defoort, Mohamed Djemai and Seddik DjouadiStability of switched systems on non-uniform time domains with non commuting matricesADHSJul 11 11:40
Sadegh Soudjani and Rupak MajumdarConcentration of Measure for Chance-Constrained Optimization ADHSJul 13 11:40
Ivan Zapreev, Cees Verdier and Manuel Mazo Jr.Optimal Symbolic Controllers Determinization for BDD storage.ADHSJul 11 10:50
Alexandre Rocca, Marcelo Forets, Victor Magron, Eric Fanchon and Thao DangOccupation Measure Methods for Modelling and Analysis of Biological Hybrid Systems ADHSJul 12 14:00
Gabriella Fiore, Elena De Santis, Giordano Pola and Maria Domenica Di BenedettoOn Approximate Predictability of Metric Systems ADHSJul 12 11:40
Xiangyu Meng, Arian Houshmand and Christos G. CassandrasHybrid System Modeling of Multi-Agent Coverage Problems with Energy Depletion and Repletion ADHSJul 12 15:15
Brandon Bohrer, Adriel Luo, Xue An Chuang and Andre PlatzerCoasterX: A Case Study in Component-Driven Hybrid Systems Proof AutomationADHSJul 11 14:25
Yorai Wardi, Carla Seatzu and Magnus EgerstedtTracking Control via Variable-gain Integrator and Lookahead Simulation: Application to Leader-follower Multiagent NetworksADHSJul 12 14:50
Kengo Kido, Sean Sedwards and Ichiro HasuoBounding Errors Due to Switching Delays in Incrementally Stable Switched SystemsADHSJul 12 16:10
Ashok Krishnan, Mohasha Isuru Sampath, Yi Shyh Eddy Foo, Bhagyesh Patil and H. B. GooiMulti-Energy Scheduling Using a Hybrid Systems ApproachADHSJul 12 16:10
Marcell Vazquez-Chanlatte, Shromona Ghosh, Vasumathi Raman, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and Sanjit SeshiaGenerating Dominant Strategies for Continuous Two-Player Zero-Sum Games ADHSJul 11 11:15
Abolfazl Lavaei, Sadegh Soudjani and Majid ZamaniCompositional Synthesis of Finite Abstractions for Continuous-Space Stochastic Control Systems: A Small-Gain Approach ADHSJul 13 10:50
Stanley BakT-Barrier Certificates: A Continuous Analogy to K-Induction ADHSJul 12 11:40
Yuriy Zacchia Lun, Jack Wheatley, Alessandro D'Innocenzo and Alessandro AbateApproximate Abstractions of Markov Chains with Interval Decision Processes ADHSJul 11 15:15
Adrien Le Coent, Laurent Fribourg and Jonathan VacherControl Synthesis for Stochastic Switched Systems Using the Tamed Euler Method ADHSJul 12 17:00
Adnane Saoud, Pushpak Jagtap, Majid Zamani and Antoine GirardCompositional Abstraction-based Synthesis for Cascade Discrete-Time Control SystemsADHSJul 11 11:40
Oscar Bulancea Lindvall, Petter Nilsson and Necmiye OzayNonuniform abstractions, refinement and controller synthesis with novel BDD encodingsADHSJul 11 12:05
Nathalie Margaret Cauchi and Alessandro AbateBenchmarks for Cyber-Physical Systems: A Modular Model Library for Building Automation Systems ADHSJul 11 14:00
Sofie Haesaert, Sadegh Soudjani and Alessandro AbateTemporal Logic Control of General Markov Decision Processes by Approximate Policy RefinementADHSJul 11 14:00
Murat Cubuktepe, Mohamadreza Ahmadi, Ufuk Topcu and Brandon HenceyCompositional Analysis of Hybrid Systems Defined Over Finite Alphabets ADHSJul 11 16:10
Marc Jungers, Antoine Girard and Mirko FiacchiniLanguage constrained stabilization of discrete- time switched linear systems: an LMI approachADHSJul 11 10:50
Henk A.P. Blom, Hao Ma and Bert G.J. BakkerInteracting Particle System-Based Estimation of Reach Probability for a Generalized Stochastic Hybrid System ADHSJul 11 14:25
Ronald Robert Paul van Nooijen and Alla G. KolechkinaA controlled sewer system should be treated as a sampled data system with eventsADHSJul 11 14:50
Julien Alexandre Dit Sandretto, Elliot Brendel and Alexandre ChapoutotAn Interval-Based Sliding Horizon Motion Planning Method ADHSJul 13 14:50
Shakiba Yaghoubi and Georgios FainekosFalsification of Temporal Logic Requirements Using Gradient Based Local Search in Space and Time ADHSJul 11 16:35
Benoît Legat, Paulo Tabuada and Raphaël M. JungersComputing Controlled Invariant Sets for Hybrid Systems with Applications to Model-Predictive Control ADHSJul 12 14:50
Sofie Haesaert, Petter Nilsson, Cristian-Ioan Vasile, Thakker Rohan, Ali-Akbar Agha-Mohammadi, Aaron Ames and Richard M. MurrayTemporal Logic Control of POMDPs Via Label-Based Stochastic Simulation Relations ADHSJul 13 11:15
Luan Nguyen, Bardh Hoxha, Taylor T Johnson and Georgios FainekosMission Planning for Multiple Vehicles with Temporal Specifications using UxASADHSJul 11 15:15
Kanishka Raj Singh, Yuhao Ding, Necmiye Ozay and Sze Zheng YongInput Design for Nonlinear Model Discrimination Via Affine Abstraction ADHSJul 12 12:05
Souradeep Dutta, Susmit Jha, Sriram Sankaranarayanan and Ashish TiwariLearning and Verification of Feedback Control Systems Using Feedforward Neural Networks ADHSJul 12 12:05
Ariadna Estrada and Ian M. MitchellControl Synthesis and Classification for Unicycle Dynamics Using the Gradient and Value Sampling Particle Filters ADHSJul 13 14:25
Hyejin Han and Ricardo SanfeliceSufficient Conditions for Temporal Logic Specifications in Hybrid Dynamical SystemsADHSJul 11 16:10
Tareq Hamadneh and Rafal WisniewskiAlgorithm for Bernstein Polynomial Control Design ADHSJul 13 14:00
Manish Goyal and Parasara Sridhar DuggiralaOn Generating A Variety of Unsafe Counterexamples for Linear Dynamical SystemsADHSJul 12 11:15
Nikolaos Athanasopoulos and Raphaël M. JungersOn invariance and reachability on semialgebraic sets for linear dynamicsADHSJul 11 12:05
Francesco Smarra, Achin Jain, Rahul Mangharam and Alessandro D'InnocenzoData-Driven Switched Affine Modeling for Model Predictive Control ADHSJul 12 15:15
Zohra Kader, Antoine Girard and Adnane SaoudSymbolic Models for Incrementally Stable Switched Systems with Aperiodic Time Sampling ADHSJul 12 16:35
Kwesi Rutledge, Sze Zheng Yong and Necmiye OzayOptimization-Based Design of Bounded-Error Estimators Robust to Missing DataADHSJul 12 10:50
Jean-Christophe FilliatreDeductive Program VerificationITP
Daniel GraysonVoevodsky's work on formalization of proofs and the foundations of mathematicsITP
John HarrisonMike Gordon: Tribute to a pioneer in theorem proving and formal verificationITP
Reto Achermann, Lukas Humbel, David Cock and Timothy RoscoePhysical addressing on real hardware in Isabelle/HOLITPJul 11 09:30
Abhishek Anand, Simon Boulier, Cyril Cohen, Matthieu Sozeau and Nicolas TabareauTowards Certified Meta-Programming with Typed Template-CoqITPJul 10 16:30
Andréia B. Avelar, Thaynara A. de Lima and André Luiz GaldinoFormalizing Ring Theory in PVS (short paper)ITPJul 11 17:00
Samuel Balco, Sabine Frittella, Giuseppe Greco, Alexander Kurz and Alessandra PalmigianoSoftware tool support for modular reasoning in modal logics of actionsITPJul 09 14:30
Callum Bannister, Peter Höfner and Gerwin KleinBackwards and Forwards with Separation LogicITPJul 10 14:00
Véronique Benzaken, Evelyne Contejean, Chantal Keller and Eunice MartinsA Coq formalisation of SQL’s execution enginesITPJul 10 15:00
Sylvain Boulmé and Alexandre MaréchalA Coq Tactic for Equality Learning in Linear ArithmeticITPJul 10 12:00
Venanzio Capretta and Colm BastonThe Coinductive Formulation of Common KnowledgeITPJul 09 15:00
Raphaël CauderlierTactics and certificates in Meta DeduktiITPJul 11 12:00
Jose Divasón, Sebastiaan Joosten, René Thiemann and Akihisa YamadaA Formalization of the LLL Basis Reduction AlgorithmITPJul 10 11:00
Christian Doczkal, Guillaume Combette and Damien PousA Formal Proof of the Minor-Exclusion Property for Treewidth-Two GraphsITPJul 12 09:00
Manuel Eberl, Max W. Haslbeck and Tobias NipkowVerified Analysis of Random Binary Tree StructuresITPJul 12 16:30
William Farmer, Jacques Carette and Patrick LaskowskiHOL Light QEITPJul 11 11:30
Denis Firsov, Richard Blair and Aaron StumpEfficient Mendler-Style Lambda-Encodings in CedilleITPJul 09 12:00
Yannick Forster, Edith Heiter and Gert SmolkaVerification of PCP-Related Computational Reductions in CoqITPJul 12 10:00
Zarathustra Goertzel, Jan Jakubuv, Stephan Schulz and Josef UrbanProofWatch: Watchlist Guidance for Large Theories in EITPJul 12 15:00
Jason Gross, Andres Erbsen and Adam ChlipalaReification by ParametricityITPJul 10 14:30
Simon Jantsch and Michael NorrishVerifying the LTL to Büchi Automata Translation via Very Weak Alternating AutomataITPJul 12 09:30
Wolfram KahlCalcCheck: A Proof Checker for Teaching the “Logical Approach to Discrete Math”ITPJul 10 10:00
Alexander Knüppel, Thomas Thüm, Carsten Pardylla and Ina SchaeferUnderstanding Parameters of Deductive Verification: An Empirical Investigation of KeYITPJul 09 16:00
Ramana Kumar, Eric Mullen, Zachary Tatlock and Magnus O. MyreenSoftware Verification with ITPs Should Use Binary Code Extraction to Reduce the TCB (short paper)ITPJul 11 17:20
Dominique Larchey-WendlingProof Pearl: Constructive Extraction of Cycle Finding AlgorithmsITPJul 12 12:00
Andreas LochbihlerFast machine words in Isabelle/HOLITPJul 12 11:30
Andreas Lochbihler and Joshua SchneiderRelational parametricity and quotient preservation for modular (co)datatypesITPJul 11 11:00
Alexandra Mendes and Joao F. FerreiraTowards Verified Handwritten Calculational Proofs (short paper)ITPJul 11 16:40
Florian Meßner, Julian Parsert, Jonas Schöpf and Christian SternagelA Formally Verified Solver for Homogeneous Linear Diophantine EquationsITPJul 10 11:30
Étienne MiqueyFormalizing Implicative Algebras in CoqITPJul 09 14:00
Mariano Moscato, Carlos Lopez Pombo, Cesar Munoz and Marco Antonio Feliu GabaldonBoosting the Reuse of Formal SpecificationsITPJul 09 16:30
Julian Parsert and Cezary KaliszykTowards Formal Foundations for Game Theory (short paper)ITPJul 11 16:00
João Paulo Pizani Flor and Wouter SwierstraVerified Timing Transformations in Synchronous Circuits with LambdaPi-WareITPJul 11 10:00
Christine Rizkallah, Dmitri Garbuzov and Steve ZdancewicA Formal Equational Theory for Call-By-Push-ValueITPJul 09 17:30
Hira Syeda and Gerwin KleinProgram Verification in the Presence of Cached Address TranslationITPJul 11 09:00
Joseph Tassarotti and Robert HarperVerified Tail Bounds for Randomized ProgramsITPJul 12 16:00
Simon Wimmer, Shuwei Hu and Tobias NipkowVerified Memoization and Dynamic ProgrammingITPJul 12 11:00
Simon Wimmer and Johannes HölzlMDP + TA = PTA: Probabilistic Timed Automata, Formalized (Short Paper)ITPJul 11 16:20
Jinxu Zhao, Bruno C. D. S. Oliveira and Tom SchrijversFormalization of a Polymorphic Subtyping AlgorithmITPJul 09 17:00
Ran Zmigrod, Matthew L. Daggitt and Timothy G. GriffinAn Agda Formalization of Üresin & Dubois' Asynchronous Fixed-Point TheoryITPJul 10 16:00
Stéphanie DelauneAnalysing privacy-type properties in cryptographic protocolsFSCD
Grigore RosuFormal Design, Implementation and Verification of Blockchain LanguagesFSCD
Peter SelingerChallenges in quantum programming languagesFSCD
Valeria VignudelliProof techniques for program equivalence in probabilistic higher-order languagesFSCD
Sandra Alves and Sabine BrodaA Unifying Framework for Type InhabitationFSCDJul 10 11:00
Nirina Andrianarivelo and Pierre RetyConfluence of Prefix-Constrained Rewrite SystemsFSCDJul 12 17:00
Mauricio Ayala-Rincon, Maribel Fernandez and Daniele Nantes-SobrinhoFixed-Point Constraints for Nominal Equational UnificationFSCDJul 12 11:00
Patrick BahrStrict Ideal Completions of the Lambda CalculusFSCDJul 11 10:00
Alexander Baumgartner, Temur Kutsia, Jordi Levy and Mateu VillaretTerm-Graph Anti-UnificationFSCDJul 12 10:00
Willem Heijltjes and Gianluigi BellinProof nets for bi-intuitionistic linear logicFSCDJul 09 11:00
Maciej Bendkowski and Pierre LescanneCounting Environments and ClosuresFSCDJul 10 15:40
David Cerna and Temur KutsiaHigher-Order Equational Pattern Anti-UnificationFSCDJul 12 11:30
Łukasz CzajkaTerm rewriting characterisation of LOGSPACE for finite and infinite dataFSCDJul 10 16:10
Joerg Endrullis, Jan Willem Klop and Roy OverbeekDecreasing diagrams with two labels are complete for confluence of countable systemsFSCDJul 12 16:30
Simon Forest and Samuel MimramCoherence of Gray categories via rewritingFSCDJul 12 17:30
Thomas GenetCompleteness of Tree Automata CompletionFSCDJul 11 12:00
Amar Hadzihasanovic, Giovanni de Felice and Kang Feng NgA diagrammatic axiomatisation of fermionic quantum circuitsFSCDJul 09 15:00
Mirai Ikebuchi and Keisuke NakanoOn repetitive right application of B-termsFSCDJul 11 09:00
Rohan Jacob-Rao, Brigitte Pientka and David ThibodeauIndex-Stratified TypesFSCDJul 10 12:00
Ambrus Kaposi and András KovácsA Syntax for Higher Inductive-Inductive TypesFSCDJul 10 15:00
Jean-Simon LemayLifting Coalgebra Modalities and IMELL Model Structure to Eilenberg-Moore CategoriesFSCDJul 09 12:00
Daniel R. Licata, Ian Orton, Andrew M. Pitts and Bas SpittersInternal Universes in Models of Homotopy Type TheoryFSCDJul 10 10:00
Bassel Mannaa and Rasmus MøgelbergThe clocks they are adjunctions. Denotational semantics for Clocked Type TheoryFSCDJul 10 09:30
Max New and Daniel LicataCall-by-name Gradual Type TheoryFSCDJul 10 09:00
Lê Thành Dũng NguyễnUnique perfect matchings and proof netsFSCDJul 09 11:30
Naoki Nishida and Yuya MaedaNarrowing Trees for Syntactically Deterministic Conditional Term Rewriting SystemsFSCDJul 11 11:00
Paweł ParysHomogeneity without Loss of GeneralityFSCDJul 11 09:30
Manfred Schmidt-Schauss and David SabelNominal Unification with Atom and Context VariablesFSCDJul 12 12:00
Amin Timany and Matthieu SozeauCumulative Inductive Types in CoqFSCDJul 10 11:30
Sarah Winkler and Aart MiddeldorpCompletion for Logically Constrained RewritingFSCDJul 11 11:30
Christina Kohl and Aart MiddeldorpProTeM: A Proof Term ManipulatorFSCDJul 12 15:00
Takahito Aoto, Makoto Hamana, Nao Hirokawa, Aart Middeldorp, Julian Nagele, Naoki Nishida, Kiraku Shintani and Harald ZanklConfluence Competition 2018FSCD
Willem HeijltjesAn introduction to deep inferenceTYDIJul 07 09:00
Alessio GuglielmiTwo Unifying Structural PrinciplesTYDIJul 07 14:00
Dominic HughesSome incoherent musings on deep inference and combinatorial proofsTYDIJul 07 16:00
Anupam DasProof complexity of deep inference: a surveyTYDIJul 07 17:00
Ross HorneTruely Concurrent Processes in the Calculus of StructuresTYDIJul 07 11:00
Bjoern Lellmann, Elaine Pimentel and Revantha RamanayakeSequentialising nested systemsTYDIJul 07 11:30
Sonia MarinNested sequents for modal logics and beyondTYDIJul 07 12:00
Joseph Paulus and Willem HeijltjesDeep-Inference Intersection TypesTYDIJul 07 10:00
Benjamin RalphDeep Inference, Herbrand's Theorem and Expansion ProofsTYDIJul 07 15:00
Peter W. V. Tran-Jørgensen, René Søndergaard Nilsson and Kenneth LausdahlEnhancing Testing of VDM-SL modelsOvertureJul 14 10:10
Casper Thule, Kenneth Lausdahl and Peter Gorm LarsenOverture FMU: Export VDM-RT Models as Tool-Wrapper FMUsOvertureJul 14 11:00
Tomohiro Oda, Keijiro Araki and Peter Gorm LarsenViennaVM: a Virtual Machine for VDM-SL developmentOvertureJul 14 11:20
René Søndergaard Nilsson, Kenneth Lausdahl, Hugo Daniel Macedo and Peter Gorm LarsenTransforming an industrial case study from VDM++ to VDM-SLOvertureJul 14 14:50
Leo FreitasVDM at large: analysing the EMV Next Generation KernelOvertureJul 14 14:00
Martin Mansfield, Charles Morisset, Carl Gamble, John Mace, Ken Pierce and John FitzgeraldDesign Space Exploration for Secure Building ControlOvertureJul 14 12:00
Simon FraserIntegrating VDM-SL into the continuous delivery pipelines of cloud-based softwareOvertureJul 14 15:10
Georgios Zervakis, Ken Pierce and Carl GambleMulti-modelling of Cooperative SwarmsOvertureJul 14 11:40
Thomas Brihaye, Véronique Bruyère, Aline Goeminne and Jean-François RaskinConstraint Problem for Weak Subgame Perfect Equilibria with omega-regular Boolean ObjectivesMoReJul 13 11:00
Thomas Brihaye, Mickael Randour and Cédric RivièreStochastic o-minimal hybrid systemsMoReJul 13 15:00
Véronique Bruyère, Quentin Hautem and Jean-Francois RaskinParameterized complexity of games with monotonically ordered omega-regular objectivesMoReJul 13 11:30
Gilles Geeraerts, Shibashis Guha and Jean-Francois RaskinSafe and Optimal Scheduling of Hard and Soft TasksMoReJul 13 16:30
Arnd Hartmanns, Sebastian Junges, Joost-Pieter Katoen and Tim QuatmannMultiple Objectives and Cost Bounds in MDPMoReJul 13 10:00
Mohammadhosein Hasanbeig, Alessandro Abate and Daniel KroeningLogically-Constrained Reinforcement LearningMoReJul 13 17:00
Dimitri ScheftelowitschMulti-Scenario Uncertainty in Markov Decision ProcessesMoReJul 13 16:00
Tao Xue, Zhaohui Luo and Stergios ChatzikyriakidisPropositional Forms of Judgemental InterpretationsNLCSJul 07 11:30
Valeria de Paiva, Alexandre Rademaker, Livy Real, Fabricio Chalub and Gerard de MeloOpenWordNet-PT: Taking StockNLCSJul 07 17:30
Aikaterini-Lida Kalouli, Richard Crouch, Valeria de Paiva and Livy RealGraph Knowledge Representations for SICKNLCSJul 07 15:00
Colin ZwanzigerPropositional Attitude Operators in Homotopy Type TheoryNLCSJul 07 11:00
Inari Listenmaa and Koen ClaessenAutomatic test suite generation for PMCFG grammarsNLCSJul 07 17:00
Nino Amiridze and Temur KutsiaAnti-Unification and Natural Language ProcessingNLCSJul 07 10:00
Hai Hu, Thomas Icard and Larry MossAutomated Reasoning from Polarized Parse TreesNLCSJul 07 16:00
Ribeka Tanaka, Koji Mineshima and Daisuke BekkiPaychecks, Presupposition, and Dependent TypesNLCSJul 07 12:00
Davide Catta, Richard Moot and Christian RetoréDo different syntactic trees yield different logical readings? Some remarks on head variables in typed lambda calculus.NLCSJul 07 16:30
Hiroshi UnnoHorn Clauses and Beyond for Relational and Temporal Program VerificationHCVS
Pierre GantyTree dimension in verification of constrained Horn clausesHCVS
Qi Zhou, David Heath and William HarrisSolving Constrained Horn Clauses Using Dependence-Disjoint ExpansionsHCVSJul 13 11:00
Giorgio Delzanno, Sylvain Conchon and Angelo FerrandoDeclarative Parameterized Verification of Topology-sensitive Distributed ProtocolsHCVSJul 13 15:00
Ekaterina Komendantskaya and Yue LiTowards Coinductive Theory Exploration in Horn Clause Logic: Extended AbstractHCVSJul 13 12:00
Emanuele De Angelis, Fabio Fioravanti, Adrián Palacios, Alberto Pettorossi and Maurizio ProiettiMetaprogramming and symbolic execution for detecting runtime errors in Erlang programsHCVSJul 13 10:00
António RavaraA simple functional presentation and an inductive correctness proof of the Horn algorithmHCVSJul 13 11:30
Andreas Nuyts and Dominique DevrieseInternalizing Presheaf Semantics: Charting the Design SpaceHoTT/UFJul 07 11:00
Andreas NuytsRobust Notions of Contextual FibrancyHoTT/UFJul 08 11:30
Lars Birkedal, Ranald Clouston, Bassel Mannaa, Rasmus Møgelberg, Andrew Pitts and Bas SpittersDependent Right Adjoint TypesHoTT/UFJul 07 12:00
Clive NewsteadAlgebraic models of dependent type theoryHoTT/UFJul 07 16:30
Taichi UemuraCubical Assemblies and the Independence of the Propositional Resizing AxiomHoTT/UFJul 07 11:30
Iosif PetrakisA Yoneda lemma-formulation of the univalence axiomHoTT/UFJul 08 11:00
Edward MorehouseOrdered CubesHoTT/UFJul 08 15:00
Eric FaberTowards a geometric model theory of type theoryHoTT/UF
Jonathan Weinberger and Ulrik Buchholtz(Truncated) Simplicial Models of Type TheoryHoTT/UFJul 08 16:00
Thorsten AltenkirchTowards the syntax and semantics of higher dimensional type theoryHoTT/UFJul 08 16:30
Genki SatoGeometric realization of truncated semi-simplicial sets meta-constructed within HoTTHoTT/UFJul 07 15:00
Joseph HelferFirst-order homotopical logic and Grothendieck fibrationsHoTT/UFJul 07 17:00
Felix WellenCohesive Covering TheoryHoTT/UFJul 08 12:00
Kuen-Bang Hou Favonia, Carlo Angiuli, Evan Cavallo, Robert Harper and Jonathan SterlingCubical Computational Type TheoryHoTT/UFJul 08 14:00
Hugo HerbelinThe definitional symmetric cubical structure of types in type theory with equality defined by abstraction over an intervalHoTT/UFJul 08 14:30
Mauricio Ayala-Rincón and Philippe BalbianiPreface of the 32nd International Workshop on Unification UNIF 2018UNIF
Silvio GhilardiHandling Substitutions via DualityUNIF
Adrià GascónCompressed Term Unification: Results, Applications, Open problems, and HopesUNIF
Ajay Kumar Eeralla and Christopher LynchBounded ACh UnificationUNIFJul 07 11:30
David Cerna and Temur KutsiaTowards Generalization Methods for Purely Idempotent Equational TheoriesUNIFJul 07 16:30
Temur Kutsia and Cleo PauProximity-Based GeneralizationUNIFJul 07 16:00
Çiğdem GencerAbout the Unification Type of Topological Logics over Euclidean SpacesUNIFJul 07 12:00
Yunus David Kerem Kutz and Manfred Schmidt-SchaussRewriting with Generalized Nominal UnificationUNIFJul 07 17:00
Franz Baader, Pavlos Marantidis and Antoine MottetACUI Unification Modulo Ground TheoriesUNIFJul 07 15:00
Serdar Erbatur, Andrew M. Marshall and Christophe RingeissenKnowledge Problems in Equational Extensions of Subterm Convergent TheoriesUNIFJul 07 11:00
Joerg Siekmann and Peter SzaboUnification Based on Generalized EmbeddingUNIFJul 07 10:00
Kasper Fabæch Brandt, Anders Schlichtkrull and Jørgen VilladsenFormalization of First-Order Syntactic UnificationUNIFJul 07 17:30
Weixi Ma, Jeremy Siek, David Christiansen and Daniel FriedmanEfficiency of a Good but not Linear Nominal Unification AlgorithmUNIFJul 07 17:50
Sara-Jane DunnUncovering the Biological Programs that Govern DevelopmentVEMDP
Andrew J. TurberfieldControlling Assembly and Function of DNA Nanostructures and Molecular MachineryVEMDP
Luca Laurenti, Attila Csikász-Nagy, Marta Kwiatkowska and Luca CardelliMolecular Filters for Noise ReductionVEMDPJul 19 12:00
Hillel Kugler, Till Korten, Stefan Diez and Dan Nicolau Jr.Formal Verification of Network-Based Biocomputation CircuitsVEMDPJul 19 17:20
Matej Troják, Jakub Šalagovič, David Šafránek, Jan Červený, Luboš Brim and Matej HajnalExecutable Biochemical Space for Specification and Analysis of Biochemical SystemsVEMDPJul 19 17:00
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Tomislav Plesa, Konstantinos Zygalakis, David Anderson and Radek ErbanNoise Control for Molecular ComputingVEMDPJul 19 11:40
Ken Chanseau Saint-Germain and Jérôme FeretConservative Approximations of PolymersVEMDPJul 19 16:40
Robert F. JohnsonUsing Transitivity and Modularity in Chemical Reaction Network BisimulationVEMDPJul 19 16:20
Stefan Badelt and Erik WinfreeEquivalence of Chemical Reaction Networks in a CRN-to-DNA Compiler FrameworkVEMDPJul 19 16:00
Keenan Breik, Chris Thachuk, Marijn Heule and David SoloveichikComputing Properties of Stable Configurations of Thermodynamic Binding NetworksVEMDPJul 19 10:00
Jakob Lykke Andersen, Christoph Flamm, Daniel Merkle and Peter F. StadlerRule-Based Gillespie Simulation of Chemical SystemsVEMDPJul 19 11:00
Gareth Molyneux, Viraj Brian Wijesuriya and Alessandro AbateBayesian Verification of Chemical Reaction NetworksVEMDPJul 19 15:00
Alexandru Amarioarei, Frankie Spencer, Corina Itcus, Iris Tusa, Ana Maria Dobre, Gefry Barad, Romica Trandafir, Mihaela Paun, Andrei Paun and Eugen CzeizlerComputational Approaches for the Programmed Assembly of Nanocellulose MeshesVEMDPJul 19 15:10
David Scott WarrenTop-down and Bottom-up Evaluation ReconciledICLPJul 15 11:00
Patrick Kahl and Anthony LeclercEpistemic Logic Programs with World View ConstraintsICLPJul 15 16:15
Rolf SchwitterSpecifying and Verbalising Answer Set Programs in Controlled Natural LanguageICLPJul 16 09:30
Frantisek Farka, Ekaterina Komendantskaya and Kevin HammondProof-relevant Horn Clauses for Dependent Type Inference and Term SynthesisICLPJul 14 14:00
Pedro Cabalar, Roland Kaminski, Torsten Schaub and Anna SchuhmannTemporal Answer Set Programming on Finite TracesICLPJul 15 10:00
Martin Gebser, Van Nguyen, Philipp Obermeier, Thomas Otto, Orkunt Sabuncu, Torsten Schaub and Tran Cao SonExperimenting with robotic intra-logistics domainsICLPJul 17 11:30
Farhad Shakerin and Gopal GuptaCumulative Scoring-based Induction of Default TheoriesICLPJul 15 16:00
Joohyung Lee and Zhun YangTranslating LPOD and CR-Prolog2 into Standard Answer Set ProgramsICLPJul 14 17:30
Benjamin Wu, Alessandra Russo, Mark Law and Katsumi InoueLearning Commonsense Knowledge through Interactive DialogueICLPJul 17 17:00
Arindam Mitra and Chitta BaralIncremental and Iterative Learning of Answer Set Programs from Mutually Distinct ExamplesICLPJul 15 14:30
Bram Aerts and Joost Vennekens Application of Logic-Based Methods to Machine Component DesignICLPJul 15 17:00
Angelos Charalambidis, Panos Rondogiannis and Ioanna SymeonidouApproximation Fixpoint Theory and the Well-Founded Semantics of Higher-Order Logic ProgramsICLPJul 14 12:00
Zhizheng ZhangIntrospecting Preferences In Answer Set ProgrammingICLPJul 15 16:45
Mario Alviano, Carmine Dodaro and Marco MarateaShared aggregate sets in answer set programmingICLPJul 14 11:30
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Marc Dahlem, Anoop Bhagyanath and Klaus SchneiderOptimal Scheduling for Exposed Datapath Architectures with Buffered Processing Units by ASPICLPJul 17 12:00
Igor StéphanA New Proof-theoretical Linear Semantics for CHRICLPJul 17 17:15
Van Nguyen, Tran Cao Son and Enrico PontelliNatural Language Generation From Ontologies: Application PaperICLPJul 15 17:30
Thanh Nguyen, Enrico Pontelli and Tran SonPhylotastic: An Experiment in Creating, Manipulating, and Evolving Phylogenetic Biology Workflows Using Logic ProgrammingICLPJul 17 11:00
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Carlo Zaniolo, Ariyam Das, Mohan Yang, Alex Shkapsky, Matteo Interlandi and Tyson CondieDeclarative Algorithms in Datalog with Aggregates: user-friendly formal semantics conducive to performance and scalabilityICLPJul 17 17:45
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Joohyung Lee and Yi WangA Probabilistic Extension of Action Language BC+ICLPJul 17 14:30
Bishoksan Kafle, John Gallagher, Graeme Gange, Peter Schachte, Harald Sondergaard and Peter J. StuckeyAn iterative approach to precondition inference using constrained Horn clausesICLPJul 15 12:00
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Martin Gebser, Philipp Obermeier, Michel Ratsch-Heitmann, Mario Runge and Torsten SchaubRouting Driverless Transport Vehicles in Car Assembly with Answer Set ProgrammingICLPJul 16 11:00
Aleksy Schubert and Pawel UrzyczynFirst-order answer set programming as constructive proof searchICLPJul 14 14:30
Pedro Cabalar, Jorge Fandinno, Luis Farinas Del Cerro and David PearceFunctional ASP with Intensional Sets; Application to Gelfond-Zhang AgreggatesICLPJul 14 11:00
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Maximiliano Klemen, Nataliia Stulova, Pedro López-García, Jose F. Morales and Manuel V. HermenegildoTowards Static Performance Guarantees for Programs with Run-time ChecksICLPJul 17 16:30
Da Shen and Yuliya LierlerSMT-based Answer Set Solver CMODELS(DIFF) (System Description)ICLPJul 15 16:30
Marijn HeuleComputable Short ProofsSATJul 11 11:00
Christoph Scholl and Ralf WimmerDependency Quantified Boolean Formulas: An Overview of Solution Methods and ApplicationsSAT
Rahul SanthanamModelling SATSAT
Rüdiger Ehlers and Francisco Palau RomeroApproximately Propagation Complete and Conflict Propagating Constraint EncodingsSATJul 09 14:00
Tobias Paxian, Sven Reimer and Bernd BeckerDynamic Polynomial Watchdog Encoding for Solving Weighted MaxSATSATJul 09 14:30
Alexander NadelSolving MaxSAT with Bit-Vector OptimizationSATJul 09 15:00
Jan Elffers, Jesus Giráldez-Cru, Jakob Nordstrom and Marc VinyalsUsing Combinatorial Benchmarks to Probe the Reasoning Power of Pseudo-Boolean SolversSATJul 09 16:00
Jia Liang, Chanseok Oh, Minu Mathews, Ciza Thomas, Chunxiao Li and Vijay GaneshMachine Learning-based Restart Policy for CDCL SAT SolversSATJul 09 16:30
Vadim Ryvchin and Alexander NadelChronological BacktrackingSATJul 09 17:00
Sima Jamali and David MitchellCentrality-Based Improvements to CDCL HeuristicsSATJul 09 17:30
Dimitris Achlioptas, Zayd Hammoudeh and Panos TheodoropoulosFast Sampling of Perfectly Uniform Satisfying AssignmentsSATJul 10 09:00
Dimitris Achlioptas, Zayd Hammoudeh and Panos TheodoropoulosFast and Flexible Probabilistic Model CountingSATJul 10 09:30
Johannes K. Fichte, Markus Hecher, Michael Morak and Stefan WoltranExploiting Treewidth for Projected Model Counting and its LimitsSATJul 10 10:00
Mikolas JanotaCircuit-based Search Space Pruning in QBFSATJul 10 14:00
Manuel Kauers and Martina SeidlSymmetries for QBFSATJul 10 14:30
Martin Suda and Bernhard GleissLocal Soundness for QBF CalculiSATJul 10 15:00
Michael Lampis, Stefan Mengel and Valia MitsouQBF as an Alternative to Courcelle's TheoremSATJul 10 16:00
Tomáš Peitl, Friedrich Slivovsky and Stefan SzeiderPolynomial-Time Validation of QCDCL CertificatesSATJul 10 16:30
Tobias Friedrich and Ralf RothenbergerSharpness of the Satisfiability Threshold for Non-Uniform Random k-SATSATJul 11 09:00
Marc Vinyals, Jan Elffers, Jesús Giráldez-Crú, Stephan Gocht and Jakob NordstromIn Between Resolution and Cutting Planes: A Study of Proof Systems for Pseudo-Boolean SAT SolvingSATJul 11 09:30
Nicola Galesi, Navid Talebanfard and Jacobo ToranCops-Robber games and the resolution of Tseitin formulasSATJul 11 10:00
Hoda Abbasizanjani and Oliver KullmannMinimal unsatisfiability and minimal strongly connected digraphsSATJul 11 16:00
Ryan Berryhill, Alexander Ivrii and Andreas VenerisFinding all Minimal Safe Inductive SetsSATJul 11 16:30
Shubhani Gupta, Aseem Saxena, Anmol Mahajan and Sorav BansalEffective use of SMT solvers for Program Equivalence Checking through Invariant Sketching and Query DecompositionSATJul 12 11:00
Alessandro Cimatti, Alberto Griggio, Ahmed Irfan, Marco Roveri and Roberto SebastianiExperimenting on Solving Nonlinear Integer Arithmetic with Incremental LinearizationSATJul 12 11:30
Sean Weaver, Hannah Roberts and Michael SmithXORSAT Set Membership FiltersSATJul 12 12:00
Stepan Kochemazov and Oleg ZaikinALIAS: A Modular Tool for Finding Backdoors for SATSATJul 12 14:00
Alexey Ignatiev, Antonio Morgado and Joao Marques-SilvaPySAT: A Python Toolkit for Prototyping with SAT OraclesSATJul 12 14:30
Svyatoslav Korneev, Nina Narodytska, Luca Pulina, Armando Tacchella, Nikolaj Bjorner and Mooly SagivConstrained Image Generation Using Binarized Neural Networks with Decision ProceduresSATJul 12 15:00
Clemens GrabmayerModeling Terms by Graphs with Structure Constraints (Two Illustrations)TERMGRAPH
Lee Barnett and David PlaistedProgramming by Term RewritingTERMGRAPHJul 07 17:30
Nachum Dershowitz and Jean-Pierre JouannaudDrags: an algebraic framework for graph rewritingTERMGRAPHJul 07 11:00
Nneka EneA Port-graph Model for FinanceTERMGRAPHJul 07 16:30
Wolfram Kahl and Yuhang ZhaoSemantics-Preserving DPO-Based Term Graph RewritingTERMGRAPHJul 07 15:00
Mitsuhiro Okada and Yuta TakahashiOn quasi ordinal diagram systemsTERMGRAPHJul 07 12:00
Sophie Tourret and Andrew CropperSLD-Resolution Reduction of Second-Order Horn Fragments - Extended AbstractTERMGRAPHJul 07 16:00
János VargaFinding the Transitive Closure of Functional Dependencies using Strategic Port Graph RewritingTERMGRAPHJul 07 17:00
Vladimir ZamdzhievA Framework for Rewriting Families of String DiagramsTERMGRAPHJul 07 11:30
Tiantian GaoKnowledge Authoring and Question Answering via Controlled Natural LanguageICLP-DCJul 18 12:00
Van NguyenNatural Language Generation From OntologiesICLP-DCJul 18 11:30
Yi WangProbabilistic Action Language pBC+ICLP-DCJul 18 10:00
Richard TaupeSpeeding Up Lazy-Grounding Answer Set SolvingICLP-DCJul 18 15:00
Filipe Gouveia, Ines Lynce and Pedro T. MonteiroModel Revision of Logical Regulatory Networks using Logic-based ToolsICLP-DCJul 18 16:00
Emily LeblancExplaining Actual Causation via Reasoning about Actions and ChangeICLP-DCJul 18 09:30
Zhun YangTranslating P-log, LP^{MLN}, LPOD, and CR-Prolog2 into Standard Answer Set ProgramsICLP-DCJul 18 14:30
Philipp ObermeierScalable Robotic Intra-Logistics with Answer Set ProgrammingICLP-DCJul 18 14:00
Frantisek FarkaProof-relevant resolution for elaboration of programming languagesICLP-DCJul 18 09:00
Arindam MitraThe Learning-Knowledge-Reasoning Paradigm For Natural Language Understanding and Question AnsweringICLP-DCJul 18 11:00
Jamie VicaryDesigning Globular: formal proofs as geometrical objectsUITP
Tomer LibalImplementing a Proof Assistant using Focusing and Logic ProgrammingUITPJul 13 10:00
Jan Gorzny, Ezequiel Postan and Bruno Woltzenlogel PaleoPartial Regularization of First-Order Resolution ProofsUITPJul 13 11:00
Sarah Grebing, An Thuy Tien Luong and Alexander WeiglAdding Text-Based Interaction to a Direct-Manipulation Interface for Program Verification -- Lessons LearnedUITPJul 13 11:30
Rustam Zhumagambetov and Mark SterlingAutomated Theorem Proving in a Chat EnvironmentUITPJul 13 12:00
Makarius WenzelIsabelle/PIDE after 10 years of developmentUITPJul 13 14:00
Steffen Frerix and Peter KoepkeText-Orientated Formal MathematicsUITPJul 13 14:30
Florent Capelli and Stefan MengelTractability results for structured quantified CNF-formulas via knowledge compilationQBFJul 08 14:40
Holger Hoos, Tomáš Peitl, Friedrich Slivovsky and Stefan SzeiderPortfolio-Based Algorithm Selection for Circuit QBFsQBFJul 08 16:20
Martin SudaTowards the Semantics of QBF ClausesQBFJul 08 10:00
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Jan Maly and Stefan WoltranA new logic for jointly representing hard and soft constraintsPRUVJul 19 12:00
Alireza Ensan, Eugenia Ternovska and Heng LiuA Model-Theoretic View on Preferences in Declarative Specifications of Search ProblemsPRUVJul 19 16:00
Nico PotykaMeasuring Disagreement among Knowledge BasesPRUVJul 19 11:00
Cunjing Ge, Feifei Ma, Tian Liu, Jian Zhang and Xutong MaA New Probabilistic Algorithm for Approximate Model CountingPRUVJul 19 16:30
José Paredes, Maria Vanina Martinez, Gerardo Simari and Marcelo A. FalappaLeveraging Probabilistic Existential Rules for Adversarial DeduplicationPRUVJul 19 17:00
Aouatef Rouahi, Kais Ben Salah and Khaled GhediraEvidential Group Decision Making Model with Belief-Based PreferencesPRUVJul 19 11:30
Laura Giordano and Valentina GliozziReasoning about exceptions in ontologies: from the lexicographic closure to the skeptical closurePRUVJul 19 15:10
Cunjing Ge, Feifei Ma and Jian ZhangVolCE: An Efficient Tool for Solving #SMT(LA) ProblemsPRUVJul 19 17:30
Özgür AkgünAutomated Constraint Modelling with ConjureLaShJul 18 16:25
Sabine BauerDecidable Linear Tree ConstraintsLaShJul 18 17:15
Bruno Courcelle and Irène DurandMonadic Second-Order Model Checking with Fly-AutomataLaShJul 18 09:00
Johannes Fichte Solving #SAT by Parameterized Algorithms: Exploiting Small TreewidthLaShJul 18 16:50
Tomas Fiedor, Lukas Holik, Petr Janku, Ondrej Lengal and Tomas VojnarLazy Automata Techniques for WS1SLaShJul 18 10:05
Alan FrischESSENCE, A Language for Specifying Combinatorial Problems: What, Why and So What?LaShJul 18 16:00
Robert GiegerichDeclarative Dynamic Programming with Inverse Coupled Rewrite SystemsLaShJul 18 14:00
Joachim Kneis, Alexander Langer and Peter RossmanithCourcelle’s Theorem – A Game-Theoretic ApproachLaShJul 18 11:00
Eugenia TernovskaA Logic of Information FlowsLaShJul 18 15:00
Dmitriy TraytelA Derivative-Based Decision Procedure for WS1SLaShJul 18 12:05
Eugenia TernovskaA Logic of Information Flows - PaperLaSh
Sabine BauerDecidable Linear Tree Constraints - Extended AbstractLaSh
Bruno CourcelleMonadic Second-Order Model Checking with Fly-Automata - SlidesLaSh
Roberta Costabile, Alessio Fiorentino, Nicola Leone, Marco Manna, Kristian Reale and Francesco RiccaRole-Based Access Control via JASPLPOPJul 18 11:30
Marc Denecker and Jo DevriendtThe RBAC challenge in the KB-paradigmLPOP
Thom FruehwirthA Rule-Based Tool for Analysis and Generation of Graphs Applied to Mason's MarksLPOPJul 18 16:50
Thom FruehwirthSecurity Policies in Constraint Handling RulesLPOPJul 18 11:10
Daniel GallConfluence Analysis of Cognitive Models with Constraint Handling RulesLPOPJul 18 15:20
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Yanhong A. Liu and Scott StollerEasier Rules and Constraints for ProgrammingLPOPJul 18 12:10
Torsten SchaubHow to upgrade ASP for true dynamic modelling and solving?LPOPJul 18 16:40
K. Tuncay TekleThe RBAC challenge in LogiQL: Solutions and LimitationsLPOP
Peter Van RoyA software system should be declarative except where it interacts with the real worldLPOPJul 18 17:00
Joost VennekensLogic-based Methods for Software Engineers and Business PeopleLPOPJul 18 12:00
David S. WarrenLPOP2018 XSB Position PaperLPOPJul 18 11:20
Neng-Fa Zhou and Håkan KjellerstrandA Picat-based XCSP Solver - from Parsing, Modeling, to SAT EncodingLPOPJul 18 15:10
Julien NarbouxGeoCoq: Formalized Foundations of GeometryThEdu
Nuno Baeta and Pedro QuaresmaRating of Geometric Automated Theorem ProversThEduJul 18 10:00
Walther NeuperLucas Interpretation from Programmers’ PerspectiveThEduJul 18 11:00
Jørgen Villadsen, Andreas Halkjær From and Anders SchlichtkrullNatural Deduction Assistant (NaDeA)ThEduJul 18 09:30
Anders Schlichtkrull, Jørgen Villadsen and Andreas Halkjær FromStudents' Proof Assistant (SPA)ThEduJul 18 09:00
Jørgen VilladsenProving in the Isabelle Proof Assistant that the Set of Real Numbers is not CountableThEduJul 18 14:30
Maximilian Doré and Krysia BrodaTowards intuitive reasoning in axiomatic geometryThEduJul 18 14:00
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Jingyi Wang, Jun Sun, Yifan Jia, Shengchao Qin and Zhiwu XuTowards `Verifying' a Water Treatment SystemFMJul 15 10:00
Florent Avellaneda and Alexandre Petrenko FSM Inference from Long TracesFMJul 15 12:00
Davide Giacomo Cavezza, Dalal Alrajeh and Andras GyorgyA Weakness Measure for GR(1) FormulaeFMJul 15 15:00
Simon Busard and Charles PecheurProducing Explanations for Rich LogicsFMJul 15 16:00
Thomas FerrèreThe Compound Interest in Relaxing PunctualityFMJul 15 16:30
Ivan Ruchkin, Joshua Sunshine, Grant Iraci, Bradley Schmerl and David GarlanIPL: An Integration Property Language for Multi-Model Cyber-Physical SystemsFMJul 15 17:00
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Giovanni Bacci, Kim Guldstrand Larsen, Nicolas Markey, Patricia Bouyer-Decitre, Uli Fahrenberg and Pierre-Alain ReynierOptimal and Robust Controller Synthesis Using Energy Timed Automata with UncertaintyFMJul 16 10:00
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Robert Colvin and Graeme SmithA wide-spectrum language for verification of programs on weak memory modelsFMJul 16 11:30
Daniel Fava, Martin Steffen and Volker StolzOperational Semantics of a Weak Memory Model with Channel SynchronizationFMJul 16 12:00
Signe Geisler and Anne E. HaxthausenStepwise Development and Model Checking of a Distributed Interlocking System - using RAISEFMJul 16 11:00
Rongjie Yan, Di Zhu, Fan Zhang, Yiqi Lv, Junjie Yang and Kai HuangResource-aware Design for Reliable Autonomous Applications with Multiple PeriodsFMJul 16 11:30
Philipp Berger, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Erika Ábrahám, Md Tawhid Bin Waez and Thomas RambowVerifying Auto-Generated C Code from SimulinkFMJul 16 12:00
Andrea Vandin, Maurice H. Ter Beek, Axel Legay and Alberto Lluch LafuenteQFLan: A Tool for the Quantitative Analysis of Highly Reconfigurable SystemsFMJul 16 16:00
Thomas Letan, Yann Régis-Gianas, Pierre Chifflier and Guillaume HietModular Verification of Programs with Effects and Effect Handlers in CoqFMJul 16 16:30
Heiko Becker, Pavel Panchekha, Eva Darulova and Zachary TatlockCombining Tools for Optimization and Analysis of Floating-Point ComputationsFMJul 16 17:00
Laura Titolo, Mariano Moscato, Cesar Munoz, Aaron Dutle and Francois BobotA Formally Verified Floating-Point Implementation of the Compact Position Reporting AlgorithmFMJul 16 17:30
Johanna Nellen, Thomas Rambow, Md Tawhid Bin Waez, Erika Abraham and Joost-Pieter KatoenFormal Verification of Automotive Simulink Controller Models: Empirical Technical Challenges, Evaluation and RecommendationsFMJul 16 16:00
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Andrew Sogokon, Khalil Ghorbal, Yong Kiam Tan and André PlatzerVector Barrier Certificates and Comparison SystemsFMJul 16 17:00
Hana Chockler, Shibashis Guha and Orna KupfermanTimed VacuityFMJul 16 17:30
Takumi Akazaki, Shuang Liu, Yoriyuki Yamagata, Yihai Duan and Jianye HaoFalsification of Cyber-Physical Systems Using Deep Reinforcement LearningFMJul 17 09:00
Dhriti Khanna, Subodh Sharma, César Rodríguez and Rahul PurandareDynamic Symbolic Verification of MPI ProgramsFMJul 17 09:30
Sander de Putter and Anton WijsTo Compose, Or Not to Compose, That is the Question: An Analysis of Compositional State Space GenerationFMJul 17 10:00
Gavin LoweView abstraction for systems with component identitiesFMJul 17 12:00
Fuyuan Zhang, Yongwang Zhao, David Sanan, Yang Liu, Alwen Tiu, Shang-Wei Lin and Jun SunCompositional Reasoning for Shared-variable Concurrent ProgramsFMJul 17 14:00
Axel Legay, Dirk Nowotka, Danny Bøgsted Poulsen and Louis-Marie TraonouezStatistical Model Checking of LLVM CodeFMJul 17 14:30
Elvira Albert, Miguel Gomez-Zamalloa, Albert Rubio, Matteo Sammartino and Alexandra SilvaSDN-Actors: Modeling and Verification of SDN ProgramsFMJul 17 17:00
Sorawee Porncharoenwase, Tim Nelson and Shriram KrishnamurthiCompoSAT: Specification-Guided Coverage for Model FindingFMJul 17 16:00
Chuchu Fan, Zhenqi Huang and Sayan MitraApproximate Partial Order ReductionFMJul 17 16:30
Cosimo LaneveA lightweight deadlock analysis for programs with threads and reentrant locksFMJul 17 15:00
Alessandro Cimatti, Ivan Stojic and Stefano TonettaFormal Specification and Verification of Dynamic Parametrized ArchitecturesFMJul 17 17:30
Cesar Munoz, Anthony Narkawicz and Aaron DutleFrom Formal Requirements to Highly Assured Software for Unmanned Aircraft SystemsFMJul 17 09:00
Arne BoralvInterlocking Design Automation using Prover TridentFMJul 17 09:30
Joerg Brauer and Uwe SchulzeModel-Based Testing for Avionics SystemsFMJul 17 10:00
Daniel Kaestner, Laurent Mauborgne and Christian FerdinandOn Software Safety, Security, and Abstract InterpretationFMJul 17 14:00
Pavel Avgustinov, Kevin Backhouse and Man Yue MoVariant analysis with QLFMJul 17 14:30
Ernie CohenObject-Oriented Security ProofsFMJul 17 15:00
Nikolaj BjornerZ3 and SMT in Industrial R&DFMJul 17 16:00
Tewodros A. Beyene and Harald RuessEvidential and Continuous Integration of Software Verification ToolsFMJul 17 16:30
Thierry LecomteDisruptive Innovations for the Development and the Deployment of Fault-Free SoftwareFMJul 17 17:00
Gabriel EbnerFast cut-elimination using proof terms: an empirical studyCL&CJul 07 11:00
Anthony Cantor and Aaron Stump(Short Paper) Towards a Dualized Sequent Calculus with CanonicityCL&CJul 07 10:00
Graham LeighHerbrand's Theorem as Higher-Order RecursionCL&CJul 07 14:45
Federico AschieriOn Natural Deduction for Herbrand Constructive Logics III: The Strange Case of the Intuitionistic Logic of Constant DomainsCL&CJul 07 14:00
Matteo Manighetti and Andrea CondoluciAdmissible tools in the kitchen of intuitionistic logicCL&CJul 07 16:00
Sorin StratulatValidating Back-links of FOL$_{\mbox{\normalsize ID}}$ Cyclic Pre-proofsCL&CJul 07 11:45
Anupam DasSome ideas on cut-elimination for cyclic arithmetic proofsCL&CJul 07 17:30
Stéphane Demri, Etienne Lozes and Denis LugiezA Complete Proof System for Basic Symbolic Heaps with PermissionsADSLJul 13 12:00
Jens Katelaan, Dejan Jovanović and Georg WeissenbacherSloth: Separation Logic and Theories via Small ModelsADSLJul 13 16:10
Mnacho Echenim, Radu Iosif and Nicolas PeltierThe Complexity of Prenex Separation Logic with One SelectorADSLJul 13 15:20
Didier Galmiche and Daniel MeryLabelled Cyclic Proofs for Separation LogicADSLJul 13 11:30
Koji Nakazawa, Makoto Tatsuta and Daisuke KimuraCyclic Theorem Prover for Separation Logic by Magic WandADSLJul 13 11:00
James Brotherston and Max KanovichOn the Complexity of Pointer Arithmetic in Separation LogicADSLJul 13 14:50
Jason GrossTeaching Your Rooster to Crow in CCoqJul 08 17:00
Armaël GuéneauProcrastination, A proof engineering techniqueCoqJul 08 10:00
Sylvain BoulméWhat is the Foreign Function Interface of the Coq Programming Language?CoqJul 08 11:30
Reynald Affeldt, Cyril Cohen, Assia Mahboubi, Damien Rouhling and Pierre-Yves StrubClassical Analysis with CoqCoqJul 08 11:00
Olivier LaurentPreliminary Report on the Yalla LibraryCoqJul 08 12:00
Mirai Ikebuchi and Keisuke NakanoComplCoq: Rewrite Hint Construction with Completion ProceduresCoqJul 08 16:00
Lasse BlaauwbroekProof Construction by Tactic LearningCoqJul 08 17:30
Cyprien Mangin and Matthieu SozeauTowards a formalization of the guard conditionCoqJul 08 16:30
Ugo Dal LagoOn Higher-Order Probabilistic ComputationDCM
Delia KesnerQuantitative Types: from Foundations to ApplicationsDCM
Damiano MazzaPolyadic Approximations and Intersection TypesDCM
Ian MackieModels of Computation that Conserve DataDCMJul 08 10:00
Paola Giannini, Marco Servetto and Elena ZuccaA syntactic model of mutation and aliasingDCMJul 08 11:00
Adrian Francalanza, Marco Giunti and António RavaraPointing to Private NamesDCMJul 08 11:30
Joseph Razavi and Andrea SchalkA Category Theoretic Interpretation of Gandy’s Principles for MechanismsDCMJul 08 12:00
Alessandra Di PierroTowards a Formal System for Topological Quantum ComputationDCMJul 08 15:00
Nachum DershowitzGeneric Graph SemanticsDCMJul 08 16:00
Siddharth BhaskarComputability over locally finite structures from algebraLCCJul 13 11:45
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François ThiréSharing a library between proof assistants: reaching out to the HOL familyLFMTPJul 07 10:00
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Christoph WaltherFormally Verified Montgomery MultiplicationCAVJul 17 17:15
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David LangworthyTLA+ in Engineering Systems – QuinceañeraTLA
Valentin SchneiderModeling Virtual Machines and Interrupts in TLA+ & PlusCalTLA
William SchultzAn Animation Module For TLA+TLA
Igor Konnov, Jure Kukovec and Thanh Hai TranBMCMT: Bounded Model Checking of TLA+ Specifications with SMTTLA
Stefan ReschApplying TLA+ in a Safety-Critical Railway ProjectTLA
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Ioannis Filippidis and Richard M. MurrayProving properties of a minimal covering algorithmTLA
Yanhong A. Liu, Scott D. Stoller, Saksham Chand and Xuetian WengInvariants in Distributed AlgorithmsTLA
Thorsten Ehlers and Dirk NowotkaTuning Parallel SAT SolversPOSJul 07 09:00
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Adrian Rebola Pardo and Armin BiereTwo flavors of DRATPOSJul 07 11:00
Michał Karpiński and Marek PiotrówCompetitive Sorter-based Encoding of PB-Constraints into SATPOSJul 07 11:30
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Richard WallacePartial (Neighbourhood) Singleton Arc Consistency for Constraint Satisfaction ProblemsRCRAJul 13 14:22
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Angelo Oddi and Riccardo RasconiGreedy Randomized Search for Scalable Compilation of Quantum CircuitsRCRAJul 13 09:44
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Daniel Dougherty, Joshua Guttman and John RamsdellHomomorphisms and Minimality for Enrich-by-Need Security AnalysisFCSJul 08 14:30
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Jiaming Jiang, Rada Chirkova, Jon Doyle and Arnon RosenthalAn Expressive, Flexible and Uniform Logical Formalism for Attribute-based Access ControlFCSJul 08 11:00
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Patrick Thomas Eugster, Giorgia Azzurra Marson and Bertram PoetteringA Cryptographic Look at Multi-Party ChannelsCSFJul 09 12:00
Ilia Lebedev, Kyle Hogan and Srini DevadasSecure Boot and Remote Attestation in the Sanctum ProcessorCSF
Maxime Audinot, Sophie Pinchinat and Barbara KordyGuided design of attack trees: a system-based approachCSFJul 09 15:00
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Mckenna McCall, Hengruo Zhang and Limin JiaKnowledge-based Security of Dynamic Secrets for Reactive ProgramsCSFJul 10 14:30
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Pierre VialSome applications of quantitative types inside and outside type theoryHOR
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Georg NührenbergFormal verification of neural networksDS-FMJul 14 14:30
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Paweł ParysIntersection Types for Unboundedness ProblemsITRS
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Antonin Delpeuch and Jamie VicaryNormal forms for planar connected string diagramsHDRAJul 07 17:30
Benjamin DupontTermination in linear (2,2)-categories with braidings and dualsHDRAJul 07 12:00
Amar HadzihasanovicMerge-bicategories: towards semi-strictification of higher categoriesHDRAJul 07 10:00
Nohra Hage String data structures for Chinese monoidsHDRAJul 07 16:30
Cédric Ho ThanhThe equivalence between opetopic sets and many-to-one polygraphsHDRAJul 07 11:00
Richard StatmanMinimal Bacus FP is Turing CompleteHDRAJul 07 16:00
Pedro TamaroffMinimal models for monomial algebrasHDRAJul 07 11:30
Lawrence MossImplementations of Natural LogicsARQNL
Giles RegerSome thoughts about FOL-translations in VampireARQNL
Ahmad-Saher Azizi-SultanPseudo-Propositional LogicARQNLJul 18 15:00
Tomer LibalA Simple Semi-automated Proof Assistant for First-order Modal LogicsARQNLJul 18 11:30
Daniel Mery and Didier GalmicheLabelled Connection-based Proof Search for Multiplicative Intuitionistic Linear LogicARQNLJul 18 12:00
Eugenio Orlandelli and Giovanna CorsiLabelled calculi for QMLs with non-rigid and non-denoting termsARQNLJul 18 11:00
Alexander Steen and Christoph BenzmüllerSystem Demonstration: The Higher-Order Prover Leo-IIIARQNLJul 18 16:30
Wieger Wesselink and Tim WillemseEvidence Extraction from Parameterised Boolean Equation SystemsARQNLJul 18 10:00