Sharing a library between proof assistants: reaching out to the HOL family

Author: François Thiré

Paper Information

Title:Sharing a library between proof assistants: reaching out to the HOL family
Authors:François Thiré
Proceedings:LFMTP Regular papers
Editors: Giselle Reis and Frédéric Blanqui
Keywords:Logical Frameworks, Dedukti, OpenTheory, HOL, Matita, Coq, Interoperability

ABSTRACT. We observe today a large diversity of proof systems. This diversity has the negative consequence that a lot of theorems are proved many times. Unlike programming languages, it is difficult for these systems to co-operate because they do not implement the same logic. Logical frameworks are a class of theorem provers that overcome this issue by their capacity of implementing various logics. In this work, we study the STT∀ βδ logic, an extension of Simple Type Theory that has been encoded in the logical framework Dedukti. We present a translation from this logic to OpenTheory, a proof system and interoperability tool between provers of the HOL family. We have used this translation to export an arithmetic library containing Fermat’s little theorem to OpenTheory and to two other proof systems that are Coq and Matita.

Talk:Jul 07 10:00 (Session 23G: Type Theory and Proof Assistants)