Alessandro Abate
Organization: University of Oxford
Web page: http://www.cs.ox.ac.uk/people/alessandro.abate
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Paper: A controlled sewer system should be treated as a sampled data system with events
Paper: A switched system approach to optimize mixing of fluids
Paper: Algorithm for Bernstein Polynomial Control Design
Paper: An Interval-Based Sliding Horizon Motion Planning Method
Paper: Approximate Abstractions of Markov Chains with Interval Decision Processes
Paper: Bayesian Verification of Chemical Reaction Networks
Paper: Benchmarks for Cyber-Physical Systems: A Modular Model Library for Building Automation Systems
Paper: Bounding Errors Due to Switching Delays in Incrementally Stable Switched Systems
Paper: CoasterX: A Case Study in Component-Driven Hybrid Systems Proof Automation
Paper: Compositional Abstraction-based Synthesis for Cascade Discrete-Time Control Systems
Paper: Compositional Analysis of Hybrid Systems Defined Over Finite Alphabets
Paper: Compositional Synthesis of Finite Abstractions for Continuous-Space Stochastic Control Systems: A Small-Gain Approach
Paper: Computing Controlled Invariant Sets for Hybrid Systems with Applications to Model-Predictive Control
Paper: Concentration of Measure for Chance-Constrained Optimization
Paper: Control Synthesis and Classification for Unicycle Dynamics Using the Gradient and Value Sampling Particle Filters
Paper: Control Synthesis for Stochastic Switched Systems Using the Tamed Euler Method
Paper: Counterexample Guided Inductive Synthesis Modulo Theories
Paper: Data-Driven Switched Affine Modeling for Model Predictive Control
Paper: Falsification of Temporal Logic Requirements Using Gradient Based Local Search in Space and Time
Paper: Generating Dominant Strategies for Continuous Two-Player Zero-Sum Games
Paper: Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Building Energy Management of Hybrid Systems
Paper: Higher-Dimensional Timed Automata
Paper: Hybrid System Modeling of Multi-Agent Coverage Problems with Energy Depletion and Repletion
Paper: Input Design for Nonlinear Model Discrimination Via Affine Abstraction
Paper: Interacting Particle System-Based Estimation of Reach Probability for a Generalized Stochastic Hybrid System
Paper: Language constrained stabilization of discrete- time switched linear systems: an LMI approach
Paper: Learning and Verification of Feedback Control Systems Using Feedforward Neural Networks
Paper: Logically-Constrained Reinforcement Learning
Paper: Mission Planning for Multiple Vehicles with Temporal Specifications using UxAS
Paper: Multi-Energy Scheduling Using a Hybrid Systems Approach
Paper: Network-Aware Design of State-Feedback Controllers for Linear Wireless Networked Control Systems
Paper: Nonuniform abstractions, refinement and controller synthesis with novel BDD encodings
Paper: Observability of Linear Hybrid Systems with Unknown Inputs and Discrete Dynamics Modeled by Petri Nets
Paper: Occupation Measure Methods for Modelling and Analysis of Biological Hybrid Systems
Paper: On Approximate Predictability of Metric Systems
Paper: On Generating A Variety of Unsafe Counterexamples for Linear Dynamical Systems
Paper: On invariance and reachability on semialgebraic sets for linear dynamics
Paper: Optimal Symbolic Controllers Determinization for BDD storage.
Paper: Optimization-Based Design of Bounded-Error Estimators Robust to Missing Data
Paper: Razumikhin-type Theorems on Practical Stability of Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
Paper: Reachability Analysis for One Dimensional Linear Parabolic Equation
Paper: Safety Control, a Quantitative Approach
Paper: Space-Time Budget Allocation for Marketing Over Social Networks
Paper: Stability of switched systems on non-uniform time domains with non commuting matrices
Paper: Statistical Verification of PCTL Using Stratified Samples
Paper: Sufficient Conditions for Temporal Logic Specifications in Hybrid Dynamical Systems
Paper: Switch induced instabilities for stable power system DAE models
Paper: Symbolic Models for Incrementally Stable Switched Systems with Aperiodic Time Sampling
Paper: T-Barrier Certificates: A Continuous Analogy to K-Induction
Paper: Temporal Logic Control of General Markov Decision Processes by Approximate Policy Refinement
Paper: Temporal Logic Control of POMDPs Via Label-Based Stochastic Simulation Relations
Paper: Tracking Control via Variable-gain Integrator and Lookahead Simulation: Application to Leader-follower Multiagent Networks
Paper: Verifying nonlinear analog and mixed-signal circuits with inputs
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