Quantum programming made easy

Authors: Luca Paolini, Luca Roversi and Margherita Zorzi

Paper Information

Title:Quantum programming made easy
Authors:Luca Paolini, Luca Roversi and Margherita Zorzi
Proceedings:Linearity/TLLA Pre-proceedings
Editors: Maribel Fernandez, Valeria de Paiva, Thomas Ehrhard and Lorenzo Tortora De Falco
Keywords:Quantum functional languages, Quantum Programming, Type theory

ABSTRACT. We introduce the functional language IQu which, under the paradigm “quantum data & classical control” and in accordance with the model QRAM, allows to define and manipulate quantum circuits and quantum states on which we can execute partial measurement. IQu tailors a lot of ideas from the design of Idealized Algol (roughly, PCF extended with local stores and assignment) and its side-effect management. These ideas play a crucial role in the language design: each quantum co-processor is formalized by means of a quantum register (storing a quantum state) that can be modified by quantum directives (lists of unitary gates). The linearity of quantum states is assured by a one-to one correspondence between quantum states and quantum registers. We adapt the type system of Idealized Algol for typing both quantum-registers and quantum-directives. The types for quantum registers are parametric on the number of qubits and their linearity is granted for free. IQu operates on quantum circuits as they were classical data so no restriction exists on their duplication.

Talk:Jul 07 17:35 (Session 31J)