Editors: Maribel Fernandez, Valeria de Paiva, Thomas Ehrhard and Lorenzo Tortora De Falco

Sandra AlvesTermination of lambda-calculus linearization methods
Iliano Cervesato, Sharjeel Khan, Giselle Reis and Dragisa ZunicFormalization of Automated Trading Systems in a Concurrent Linear FrameworkJul 08 17:20
Zeinab GalalTowards a Functional Language for Species of StructuresJul 08 09:00
Masahito HasegawaFrom Linear Logic to Cyclic SharingJul 07 14:55
Jiaming Jiang, Harley Eades Iii and Valeria de PaivaOn the Lambek Calculus with an Exchange ModalityJul 07 09:20
Marie Kerjean and Yoann DabrowskiModels of Linear Logic based on the Schwartz epsilon productJul 08 12:00
Wen Kokke, Fabrizio Montesi and Marco PeressottiTaking Linear Logic ApartJul 07 12:00
Pierre LescanneHow to count linear and affine closed lambda terms?Jul 08 09:20
Zhaohui LuoSubstructural Calculi with Dependent TypesJul 07 09:00
Roberto MaieliThe structure of non decomposable connectives of linear logicJul 07 14:00
Giulio Manzonetto and Giulio GuerrieriThe Bang Calculus and the Two Girard's TranslationsJul 07 09:55
Lê Thành Dũng Nguyễn and Thomas SeillerCoherent interaction graphs: a nondeterministic geometry of interaction for MLLJul 08 14:55
Lê Thành Dũng Nguyễn and Thomas SeillerA semantic conjecture on second-order MLL and its complexity consequences (work in progress)Jul 08 17:00
Carlos Olarte, Valeria de Paiva, Elaine Pimentel and Giselle ReisBenchmarking Linear Logic TranslationsJul 08 14:20
Luca Paolini, Luca Roversi and Margherita ZorziQuantum programming made easyJul 07 17:35
Luc PellissierGeneralized generalized species of structure and resource modalitiesJul 08 14:00
Luc Pellissier and Thomas SeillerEntropy and Complexity Lower BoundsJul 08 09:55
Paolo PistoneProof nets, coends and the Yoneda isomorphismJul 07 17:00
Lionel Vaux Auclair and Federico OlimpieriOn the Taylor expansion of λ-terms and the groupoid structure of their rigid approximantsJul 07 14:20