Boosting the Reuse of Formal Specifications

Authors: Mariano Moscato, Carlos Lopez Pombo, Cesar Munoz and Marco Antonio Feliu Gabaldon

Paper Information

Title:Boosting the Reuse of Formal Specifications
Authors:Mariano Moscato, Carlos Lopez Pombo, Cesar Munoz and Marco Antonio Feliu Gabaldon
Proceedings:ITP Papers
Editors: Jeremy Avigad and Assia Mahboubi
Keywords:refinement, quotients, datatypes, PVS

ABSTRACT. Advances in theorem proving have enabled the emergence of a variety of formal developments that, over the years, have resulted in large corpuses of formalizations. For example, the NASA PVS Library is a collection of 55 formal developments written in the Prototype Verification System (PVS) over a period of almost 30 years and containing more 28000 proofs. Unfortunately, the simple accumulation of formal developments does not guarantee their reusability. In fact, in formal systems with very expressive specification languages, it is often the case that a particular conceptual object is defined in different ways. This paper presents a technique to establish sound connections between formal definitions. Such connections support the possibility of (partial) borrowing of proved results from one formal description into another, improving the reusability of formal developments. The technique is described using concepts from the field of universal algebra and algebraic specification. The technique is illustrated with concrete examples taken from formalizations available in the NASA PVS Library.

Talk:Jul 09 16:30 (Session 51C)