Editor: Helene Kirchner

Stéphanie DelauneAnalysing privacy-type properties in cryptographic protocols
Grigore RosuFormal Design, Implementation and Verification of Blockchain Languages
Peter SelingerChallenges in quantum programming languages
Valeria VignudelliProof techniques for program equivalence in probabilistic higher-order languages
Sandra Alves and Sabine BrodaA Unifying Framework for Type InhabitationJul 10 11:00
Nirina Andrianarivelo and Pierre RetyConfluence of Prefix-Constrained Rewrite SystemsJul 12 17:00
Mauricio Ayala-Rincon, Maribel Fernandez and Daniele Nantes-SobrinhoFixed-Point Constraints for Nominal Equational UnificationJul 12 11:00
Patrick BahrStrict Ideal Completions of the Lambda CalculusJul 11 10:00
Alexander Baumgartner, Temur Kutsia, Jordi Levy and Mateu VillaretTerm-Graph Anti-UnificationJul 12 10:00
Willem Heijltjes and Gianluigi BellinProof nets for bi-intuitionistic linear logicJul 09 11:00
Maciej Bendkowski and Pierre LescanneCounting Environments and ClosuresJul 10 15:40
David Cerna and Temur KutsiaHigher-Order Equational Pattern Anti-UnificationJul 12 11:30
Łukasz CzajkaTerm rewriting characterisation of LOGSPACE for finite and infinite dataJul 10 16:10
Joerg Endrullis, Jan Willem Klop and Roy OverbeekDecreasing diagrams with two labels are complete for confluence of countable systemsJul 12 16:30
Simon Forest and Samuel MimramCoherence of Gray categories via rewritingJul 12 17:30
Thomas GenetCompleteness of Tree Automata CompletionJul 11 12:00
Amar Hadzihasanovic, Giovanni de Felice and Kang Feng NgA diagrammatic axiomatisation of fermionic quantum circuitsJul 09 15:00
Mirai Ikebuchi and Keisuke NakanoOn repetitive right application of B-termsJul 11 09:00
Rohan Jacob-Rao, Brigitte Pientka and David ThibodeauIndex-Stratified TypesJul 10 12:00
Ambrus Kaposi and András KovácsA Syntax for Higher Inductive-Inductive TypesJul 10 15:00
Jean-Simon LemayLifting Coalgebra Modalities and IMELL Model Structure to Eilenberg-Moore CategoriesJul 09 12:00
Daniel R. Licata, Ian Orton, Andrew M. Pitts and Bas SpittersInternal Universes in Models of Homotopy Type TheoryJul 10 10:00
Bassel Mannaa and Rasmus MøgelbergThe clocks they are adjunctions. Denotational semantics for Clocked Type TheoryJul 10 09:30
Max New and Daniel LicataCall-by-name Gradual Type TheoryJul 10 09:00
Lê Thành Dũng NguyễnUnique perfect matchings and proof netsJul 09 11:30
Naoki Nishida and Yuya MaedaNarrowing Trees for Syntactically Deterministic Conditional Term Rewriting SystemsJul 11 11:00
Paweł ParysHomogeneity without Loss of GeneralityJul 11 09:30
Manfred Schmidt-Schauss and David SabelNominal Unification with Atom and Context VariablesJul 12 12:00
Amin Timany and Matthieu SozeauCumulative Inductive Types in CoqJul 10 11:30
Sarah Winkler and Aart MiddeldorpCompletion for Logically Constrained RewritingJul 11 11:30
Christina Kohl and Aart MiddeldorpProTeM: A Proof Term ManipulatorJul 12 15:00
Takahito Aoto, Makoto Hamana, Nao Hirokawa, Aart Middeldorp, Julian Nagele, Naoki Nishida, Kiraku Shintani and Harald ZanklConfluence Competition 2018