Editors: Stephen Chong, Stephanie Delaune and Deepak Garg

Charlie Jacomme and Steve KremerAn extensive formal analysis of multi-factor authentication protocolsJul 09 11:00
Bruno BlanchetComposition Theorems for CryptoVerif and Application to TLS 1.3Jul 09 11:30
Patrick Thomas Eugster, Giorgia Azzurra Marson and Bertram PoetteringA Cryptographic Look at Multi-Party ChannelsJul 09 12:00
Ilia Lebedev, Kyle Hogan and Srini DevadasSecure Boot and Remote Attestation in the Sanctum Processor
Maxime Audinot, Sophie Pinchinat and Barbara KordyGuided design of attack trees: a system-based approachJul 09 15:00
Marc Fischlin and Sogol MazaheriSelf-Guarding Cryptographic Protocols against Algorithm Substitution AttacksJul 10 09:00
Cécile Baritel-Ruet, François Dupressoir, Pierre-Alain Fouque and Benjamin GrégoireFormal Security Proof of CMAC and its VariantsJul 10 09:30
Marc Fischlin, Christian Janson and Sogol MazaheriBackdoored Hash Functions: Immunizing HMAC and HKDFJul 10 10:00
Helene Haagh, Aleksandr Karbyshev, Sabine Oechsner, Bas Spitters and Pierre-Yves StrubComputer-aided proofs for multiparty computation with active securityJul 10 11:00
José Bacelar Almeida, Manuel Barbosa, Gilles Barthe, Hugo Pacheco, Vitor Pereira and Bernardo PortelaEnforcing ideal-world leakage bounds in real-world secret sharing MPC frameworksJul 10 11:30
Baiyu Li and Daniele MicciancioSymbolic security of garbled circuitsJul 10 12:00
Borzoo Bonakdarpour and Bernd FinkbeinerThe Complexity of Monitoring HyperpropertiesJul 10 14:00
Mckenna McCall, Hengruo Zhang and Limin JiaKnowledge-based Security of Dynamic Secrets for Reactive ProgramsJul 10 14:30
Andrey Chudnov and David NaumannAssuming you know: epistemic semantics of relational annotations for expressive flow policiesJul 10 15:00
Everett Hildenbrandt, Manasvi Saxena, Nishant Rodrigues, Xiaoran Zhu, Philip Daian, Dwight Guth, Brandon Moore, Daejun Park, Yi Zhang, Andrei Stefanescu and Grigore RosuKEVM: A Complete Formal Semantics of the Ethereum Virtual MachineJul 10 16:00
Hongxu Chen, Alwen Tiu, Zhiwu Xu and Yang LiuA Permission-Dependent Type System for Secure Information Flow AnalysisJul 11 09:00
Vineet Rajani and Deepak GargTypes for Information Flow Control: Labeling Granularity and Semantic ModelsJul 11 09:30
Christian Müller, Helmut Seidl and Eugen ZalinescuInductive Invariants for Noninterference in Multi-agent WorkflowsJul 11 10:00
Mario S. Alvim, Kostas Chatzikokolakis, Catuscia Palamidessi and Anna PaziiLocal Differential Privacy on Metric Spaces: optimizing the trade-off with utility
Samuel Yeom, Irene Giacomelli, Matt Fredrikson and Somesh JhaPrivacy Risk in Machine Learning: Analyzing the Connection to OverfittingJul 11 12:00
David Basin, Sasa Radomirovic and Lara SchmidAlethea: A Provably Secure Random Sample Voting ProtocolJul 11 16:00
Véronique Cortier, Constantin Cătălin Dragan, François Dupressoir and Bogdan WarinschiMachine-checked proofs for electronic voting: privacy and verifiability for BeleniosJul 11 16:30
Pasquale Malacaria, Mhr Khouzani, Corina Pasareanu, Quoc-Sang Phan and Kasper LuckowSymbolic Side-Channel Analysis for Probabilistic ProgramsJul 12 09:30
Gilles Barthe, Benjamin Grégoire and Vincent LaporteSecure compilation of side-channel countermeasures: the case of cryptographic “constant-time”Jul 12 10:00
Vincent Cheval, Veronique Cortier and Mathieu TuruaniA little more conversation, a little less action, a lot more satisfaction: Global states in ProVerif.Jul 12 11:00
Jannik Dreier, Lucca Hirschi, Sasa Radomirovic and Ralf SasseAutomated Unbounded Verification of Stateful Cryptographic Protocols with Exclusive ORJul 12 11:30
Andreas Viktor Hess and Sebastian A. MödersheimA Typing Result for Stateful ProtocolsJul 12 12:00