Editors: Anna Maria Bigatti and Martin Brain

Ilias KotsireasHard Combinatorial Problems: A Challenge for SatisfiabilityJul 11 09:00
Alexander Cowen-Rivers and Matthew EnglandTowards Incremental Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition in MapleJul 11 14:30
Rebecca Haehn, Gereon Kremer and Erika ÁbrahámEvaluation of Equational Constraints for CAD in SMT SolvingJul 11 15:00
Jan Horacek and Martin KreuzerRefutation of Products of Linear PolynomialsJul 11 16:00
Casey Mulligan, Russell Bradford, James H. Davenport, Matthew England and Zak TonksNon-linear Real Arithmetic Benchmarks derived from Automated Reasoning in EconomicsJul 11 14:00
Daniela Ritirc, Armin Biere and Manuel KauersA Practical Polynomial Calculus for Arithmetic Circuit VerificationJul 11 16:30
Meesum Syed Mohammad and Prathamesh T. V. H.Unknot Recognition Through Quantifier EliminationJul 11 17:00
John Abbott, Anna Maria Bigatti and Elisa PalezzatoNew in CoCoA-5.2.4 and CoCoALib-0.99570 for SC-SquareJul 11 11:25
Andreas Eggers, Matthias Stasch, Tino Teige, Tom Bienmüller and Udo BrockmeyerConstraint Systems from Traffic Scenarios for the Validation of Autonomous DrivingJul 11 10:05
Pascal Fontaine, Mizuhito Ogawa, Thomas Sturm, Van Khanh To and Xuan Tung VuWrapping Computer Algebra is Surprisingly Successful for Non-Linear SMTJul 11 11:00
Stephen A. ForrestSMT-like Queries in MapleJul 11 11:50
Tudor JebeleanTechniques for Natural-style Proofs in Elementary AnalysisJul 11 12:15