Editors: Clare Dixon, Brian Logan and Alessio Lomuscio

Calin BeltaFormal Synthesis of Control Strategies for Dynamical Systems
Radu Calinescu and Saud YonbawiTowards a Hierarchical-Control Architecture for Distributed Autonomous Systems (Extended Abstract - Paper)Jul 18 10:00
Anna Lukina, Ashish Tiwari, Scott Smolka and Radu GrosuAdaptive Neighborhood Resizing for Stochastic Reachability in Multi-Agent SystemsJul 18 11:00
Thai Son Hoang, Naoto Sato, Tomoyuki Myojin, Michael Butler, Yuichiroh Nakagawa and Hideto OgawaPolicing Functions for Machine Learning SystemsJul 18 11:30
Julian Padget, Marina De Vos and Charlie PageSocial Consequence Engines (Abstract)Jul 18 12:00
Jérémie GuiochetTrust me - I am autonomous
Isidro Durazo-Cardenas, Andrew Starr and Tetsuo TomiyamaTowards validation and verification of an autonomous railway inspection and repair system
Ruben Giaquinta, Ruth Hoffmann, Murray Ireland, Alice Miller and Gethin NormanProbabilistic Model Checking for Autonomous Agent Strategy Synthesis - Extended AbstractJul 18 16:00
Mohammed Al-Nuaimi, Hongyang Qu and Sandor VeresTowards a verifiable decision making framework for self-driving vehiclesJul 18 16:30
Gleifer Alves, Louise Dennis and Michael FisherFormalisation of the Rules of the Road for embedding into an Autonomous Vehicle AgentJul 18 17:00
Florian LierReproducibility in Robotics - The Big 5 Issues
Alvaro Miyazawa, Ana Cavalcanti, Simon Foster, Wei Li, Pedro Ribeiro, Jon Timmis and Jim WoodcockRoboTool: Modelling and Verification with RoboChartJul 19 10:00
Bruno Lacerda, David Parker and Nick HawesPolicy Generation with Probabilistic Guarantees for Long-term Autonomy of a Mobile Service RobotJul 19 11:00